60 Days Ago

Photo May 01, 8 09 00 AMYesterday was the 2 month mark from when Elijah went to Heaven.

An attempt to express all of the thoughts and emotions we have experienced over the past 60 days would be inadequate. Many times I have felt like writing something about the effect Elijah is still having on different people, or the amazing support we find through incredible friends/family/church, or how our faith in God is even more resolved. But, even typing just these few statements is very difficult and taxing.

With time and God’s grace we will continue to write about the impact of Elijah’s life, as well as our journey as a family. But today isn’t that day yet. So in honor of our little superhero, I wanted to share a poem that one of our junior high students from our youth ministry gave to us on this 2 month anniversary:


The cape follows behind,as he flies up into the sky.
His powers overwhelm us all,
and he now hears us when we call.

He now looks down on us,
as we used to do to him.
His chocolate eyes are hard not to see,
especially when they’re staring at you and me.

I wish for one more day,
where I can imagine all the things I would say.
“I love you” is the thing that comes to mind,
yet I believe that you knew this before time.

Your powers I pray for,
that could be left behind.
For all of us
when we just want to cry.

I know that is notwhat you would want us to do.
So these are my final words for you:

Dear Superman,

Please give me the strength that you have,to show peace & comfort for all to be glad.

The little smiles that would appear on your little face,
to be placed on mine with all of your grace.

I love you so much & can’t wait to see you soon.
When I get to hold you in my arms, look right into those brown eyes
and say, “I’ve missed you.”

-Josie Stephens

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2 thoughts on “60 Days Ago

  1. Melanie Jay says:

    WOW!!!!! What a beautiful poem!!! You are continually in my thoughts & prayers!!! Love & miss you so much!!!!

  2. Ed says:

    Having just read about your little boy, my heart certainly goes out to you. My daughter, who also lived in Ozark died a little over 7 years ago at 17 after a life-long struggle. The pain still tears at me, and am sure it always will, but pray for strength everyday to keep taking another breath, and you will find a way to survive. God bless.

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