Through our entire journey we have been blessed with the opportunity to see this world through a whole new set of lenses. Things that seemed to vital to our well being and happiness now seem so insignificant in light of the truly important things in life.

Tonight, sitting in our room in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, our eyes have been opened once again. Instead of posting the latest developments and medical updates of Elijah from the past few days, I realized that the latest news can wait because of the fact that our wonderfully loved son is so blessed. The numerous tests and discussions with specialists seem a little less important tonight as we nod off to sleep to the sounds of a mobile playing lullabies in our room. The music isn’t being played to sooth Elijah to sleep. It’s being used to help a precious 10 month old baby doze off tonight.

This 10 month old baby, Chase, is staying in our room tonight. As our new roommate lies here, I can’t help but tear up at the overwhelming thought that this precious child is in our hospital room alone. Chase is here all by himself with no sign of family in sight. As the nurses tend to his needs, I realize that the latest news about Elijah isn’t nearly so important at this time. The simple fact is, even though Elijah has less function and ability than Chase, Elijah is incredibly loved. My perspective has once again changed.

As so many people gather with family and friends around this time of year, I pray that we realize greater than any gift that could be unwrapped or any stocking that could be stuffed is the love and attention shared with those close to us. Please pray for Chase as he is all alone on the night of Christmas Eve, and please savor the moments you have with those around you.

May our hearts be full of love and joy this season and our perspective change to the truly important things in life.

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3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing this tonight and I will be praying for Chase. So many times I have wished that I could live closer to be by your side. Know that I continue to pray for you.

    We decided to approach Christmas this year so much different than ever before and I began to second guess my decision. Your post has confirmed that what we decided to do is was the right choice. Thank you for being so transparent. Love you much!

  2. Jennifer says:

    PS: I am a little slow and just realized that I am able to know which of you posted this update. Today, once again, I thought Becky was the author so my comment would fit her a little better. Sorry I didn’t write it in more of a plural sense. My feelings are for the whole family. Wishing I had a way to remove and re-write. :) Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. Melanie Jay says:

    No, Chase isn’t alone. He was put in Elijah’s room for a
    reason. Because your family has so much love to share. Even though
    Elijah knows so much love and family, God is allowing him and you
    all to be a blessing to little Chase. You are an amazing family!! I
    feel so blessed to know you! Now Chase does, too. Continued prayers
    for all of you, even Chase!

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