.500 – that’s the batting average of Elijah for the month of November. I even did a recount to make sure this was accurate, and it looks as if we set a family record so far by staying in the hospital 15 out of the 30 days in November.

December is here now, so a new count has started. Our 3 1/2 year old daughter is busy counting down the days to Christmas, while we have a different count down – the count down to Elijah’s tentatively scheduled surgery. ‘Tentatively’ is the adverb we are using more and more around here.

Throughout the entire hospital adventure of November we kept thinking that we GOTTA GO up to St. Louis and get this surgery to help Elijah and his swallowing/aspirating issues. As we have already shared in previous posts, that didn’t happen when we wanted. Elijah returned home with a distended stomach, and two days after being home an X-ray showed that we GOTTA GO back into the local hospital. After an overnight stay, some of the pressure was relieved and we went back home. After a few more days of discomfort, a distended stomach, and vomiting, we had another X-ray of his abdomen that once again told us that we GOTTA GO back into the hospital.

Photo Nov 30, 3 07 25 PMThe reason we are racking up our frequent flyer miles at the hospital is because Elijah has GOTTA GO and he physically is unable to do so. His digestive system is incredibly backed up and causing blockage issues. We have never been so eager for a dirty diaper, but Elijah hasn’t been able to do that on his own since November 18th. He’s been receiving different fluids in different areas to try and help break up the hardened stool in his system, and some of it has started to breakdown and pass through. Due to the digestive problem, Elijah hasn’t received a full feeding since our trip that capped off the month of November in St. Louis, which has now affected his blood sugar levels and increased his exhaustion and weakness.

Photo Dec 03, 3 53 14 PMOur current stay has caused a rescheduling of an MRI that we were supposed to get in St. Louis in just a few days. Basically, Elijah has GOTTA GO really soon because if any more issues arise, the more likely his MRI and stomach surgery will be postponed again. And now more than ever, we GOTTA GO up to St. Louis and get this procedure done.

FUN FACT: Noon today, we will be batting .500 for the month of December. We GOTTA GO home.

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2 thoughts on “GOTTA GO

  1. Melanie Jay says:

    WOW!!! I hope he GETS TO GO soon!!!! Nate & I are praying & mom is too! When she heard about Elijah’s battle, it really hit home with her. We love you guys & miss you ALL very much!!! I am sure my Christmas wish will come true and your sweet, brave little man will get his surgery soon!! Love you all!

  2. Noelle Sadler says:

    Thinking of you guys and sending thoughts of wondrous
    poops! Hope you’re soon all batting zero on hospital

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