When you stay in the hospital 13 out of the 28 days for the current month, you begin to pick up on a few things. One is the lingo of the hospital staff. I’m not sure if it is the median age of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital staff or just a cultural thing around here, but it seems as though every person who has entered our room – nurses, technicians, neurologists, dieticians, you name it – they all seem to open every conversation or statement with the words, “Soooo…yeah…”

With that said, here is just the latest development with Elijah and our stay at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital:

We were discharged today from St. Louis Children’s Hospital around 4pm. Surgeons and anesthesiologists don’t want to do the surgery right now. They want him to go home and recover more before they put him under. Basically, Elijah is healthy enough to go home but not healthy enough for surgery. During our stay, Elijah contracted a respiratory virus, which didn’t help his recovery from pneumonia and reaffirmed their decision not to put him under at this time. The anesthesiologist is thinking that Elijah would be able to handle the surgical medicine in about 3-5 weeks and would like to do the surgery then. We haven’t received the actual scheduled date and time yet.

We have voiced our frustration of being transported from Springfield to St. Louis with the motivating factor being the surgery. They explained that it was a miscommunication on their part for having us travel up here just to recover from pneumonia and not go through with the surgery.

We are now praying that he doesn’t get pneumonia again during this span of time while we wait for the surgery.

We feel awful/terrible/upset (more than just bad) that we have been misinforming you all on the plans with Elijah and the upcoming surgery, but we were trusting the medical advice that had been communicated to us up to this point.

As frustrating as this is, we can’t help but smile when we think of the awesome nursing staff that has helped our little man through this entire journey. They helped out in every medical way possible, and went above and beyond by making his 1st birthday a special day for our family.

















The birthday celebration with the nurses was definitely Becky’s highlight of the stay, while I particularly enjoyed learning new tricks of the trade while being stuck in a hospital. Just so you know, if there are no paper plates to be found in a family lounge of a hospital, you can always reheat your leftover BBQ on a coffee filter…or two. I’m pretty sure they will have to restock before we return in a few weeks.

God is still helping us through this entire journey. We didn’t threaten, kill, or attack anybody after receiving this news, nor did we lose our salvation. God is still in the miracle working business.

Thank you for your continual prayers, support, and love for our family.

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4 thoughts on “Soooo…yeah…

  1. Brenda Donetz says:

    We will continue with our prayers here with our church families as well as Vikki and I. There are people all around us that love your family without ever meeting them personally. They do get to see your pictures and read about the trials. We know is with each and everyday. We love you and yours.

  2. Rue Volley says:

    much love to all of you. I often think of him now and see hope:) xoxo

  3. Juanita Green says:

    Chris, Becky, Adrienne and Elijah,
    I just want you to know how much you are loved and prayed for daily. God is alive and work even in most difficult times in life…He will NOT fail you! Much love and prayers for healing, strength, wisdom, peace and guidance in all that you do!

  4. Rick Fox says:

    Somehow God is using this situation for His glory. Many people will come to know Him through Elijah’s journey. We continue to pray for healing. We also pray for you & your wonderful family as they endure this difficult time. Hang in there…God is in control!

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